Memorial Day Press Release

Tributes.com Online Obituary Site Implements Nationwide Memorial Day Program with Broadcast Media

Television stations team with Tributes.com to honor the memory of U.S. heroes and loved ones lost

BOSTON, MA ­— May 24, 2010 — Tributes.com, the online resource for local and national obituary news and multimedia tributes, today announced a nationwide initiative with over 75 television station partners to implement a co-branded Memorial Day program. Stations across the U.S. will invite viewers to light a virtual candle or place a virtual flag or gift in memory of a fallen hero or lost loved one. In an effort to raise money for organizations that support the military, fight life threatening diseases and/or support grieving families, Tributes.com has selected six non-profits to which visitors can optionally make donations as part of the candle lighting process via Tributes.com or any Tributes-powered obituary site in the Tributes Network.

“For the first time in history, broadcast media can now provide obituary news, which was traditionally an exclusive offering of local print media,” said Elaine Haney, President of Tributes.com. “Every day more and more consumers venture online for both news and social interactions. Through the Internet and partnerships with Tributes.com, broadcast media now has the opportunity to become an alternative news source for obituary classifieds. Television stations nationwide can help families to quickly and effectively share information and memories of lost loved ones locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide.”

Eric Lumpkin, Internet Sales Director of NBC’s WWBT in Richmond, Virginia, implemented the Memorial Day program last year. “We featured station employees talking about their deceased family members who had served our country. Some of whom had died in the line of duty. The stories were very compelling. We ran them on-air during news segments and drove to the Web stating, ‘Tell us about your family members by going to NBC12.com and clicking on Tributes.’ We felt this provided us with an excellent driver to the Web and WWBT’s traffic increased as a result,” said Lumpkin. “We’re looking forward to another successful Memorial Day program this year. Tributes.com has been a pleasure to work with thus far.”

This time last year, Tributes.com had established partnerships with six television stations as they initiated the build-out of their distribution network. The program has grown exponentially, with the Tributes Obituary Network now rapidly approaching 100 television partners that proudly feature Tributes-powered obituary sections on their websites. Co-brand partners monetize their obituary sections through advertising and sponsorships—both online and on-air—along with obituary and multimedia tribute sales.

About Tributes.com:
Tributes.com, the online resource for local and national obituary news, was launched in February 2008 by Monster.com founder, Jeff Taylor. Through one centralized national Web destination, Tributes.com has over 86 million current and historical death records dating back to the 1930’s. For more information about Tributes.com, please visit our website at http://www.tributes.com/global/aboutus.


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