MKJ Selects Tributes.com to Host Website Obituaries

MKJ Selects Tributes.com to Host Website Obituaries


Largo, FL -  Specialists are emerging in every area of technology, including hosting funeral home obituaries.  Tributes.com is positioned to become the nation’s resource for obituaries with easy to use obituary management software and cutting edge data base architecture providing for increased searchability and security.  For these reasons, MKJ Marketing, the death care industry’s marketing leader, has announced an alliance with Tributes.com that will elevate their clients’ online obituary services and allow them to provide their families with new, powerful tools to better tell and preserve the rich stories of their loved one’s lives. 


Tributes.com is the only website hosting service to offer funeral homes income generating options from obituary hosting.  According to Glenn Gould, CEO of MKJ Marketing, “Obituaries have never been recognized for the inherent value they represent to funeral homes.  The generation and management of the obituary for the family is an important service that the funeral home provides and they should have an opportunity to benefit from their efforts.  Forming a strategic alliance with Tributes.com provides our website clients the means to enhance their obituary offerings while also making obituaries a profit center.”


The most often visited area of a funeral home website is the obituary page and is typically the major driver of local traffic.  Tributes.com contributes to the local exposure of the funeral home website and also generates traffic at a national level through promotion of the funeral home on Tributes.com, Tributes’ national web destination.  Obituaries posted on Tributes.com include a link to the funeral home that posted the obituary allowing family, friends and colleagues easier access to the funeral home and an opportunity for the funeral home to generate incremental sales of condolence items such as flowers, gift baskets and memorial jewelry.  The MKJ/Tributes.com alliance will result in significant promotion of MKJ customer brands and service offerings – both locally and nationally.


MKJ is known across the funeral industry for offering the highest quality marketing services with proven results that truly help their clients build their businesses.  “Tributes.com is highly focused on establishing strong relationships with funeral homes and providing them products and services that benefit their families, their businesses and ultimately their bottom line,” said Elaine Haney, President, Tributes, Inc.  “Our goals and those of MKJ are highly aligned as we work with funeral homes to jointly deliver services and solutions that build their brands, enhance the services that they can offer their families, generate leads and ultimately contribute to their growth and overall business success.”


The technology that forms the foundation of Tributes.com’s obituary platform is far superior to that of any funeral service website provider.  Through their integrated obituary alerts, individuals can register with Tributes to be notified upon the death of anyone from a particular school, military unit, or work place.  Their database security protects obituaries, preserving them permanently for generations to come and the obituary database is highly scalable and sophisticated in its architecture making it simple to access obituaries from their extensive database of over 84 million records dating back to the early 1900’s.    According to Marilyn Gould, President of MKJ, “When all of the advantages Tributes.com offers funeral homes are considered, there is really no justification for MKJ not to offer our clients the Tributes.com option.”


About MKJ Marketing

MKJ Marketing is a death care industry marketing firm serving funeral homes, cemeteries and death care industry vendors in areas of Market Research, Advertising, Training Programs and Website Development and Hosting.  MKJ is the leader in completely custom created websites at a cost competitive with template-based websites.  As an advertising leader, MKJ’s websites incorporate superior copy, graphic creativity, and unique concept development.    

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About Tributes.com
Tributes.com is the online resource for current local and national obituary news, lasting personal tributes and online community providing support during times of loss and grieving.  Through one centralized national web destination, with over 84 million current and historical death records dating back to the 1930’s, Tributes has made obituary and online memorial service information easily accessible so people can come together online and offline to remember and share the treasured stories of the important people in their lives who have passed away. Monster.com and Eons.com founder Jeff Taylor officially launched Tributes.com in February, 2008.  Eons, Inc. and Dow Jones & Company are strategic partners in Tributes, Inc.  For more information about Tributes.com, please visit our website at www.tributes.com.

For information on Tributes.com obituary solutions for funeral homes visit www.tributes.com or telephone 617.337.9442 

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